Quiz results suggests you can benefit from reducing or eliminating side effects naturally.


Quiz results suggests you can benefit from reducing or eliminating side effects naturally.

If you or a loved one is trying to maintain a healthy heart and normal blood pressure, then you’re probably flushed with tons of thoughts … many that contradict one another…


So Let Me Ask You A Question…


What if there was a natural breakthrough that allows you to support healthy blood pressure and healthy blood flow – even if heart troubles run in your family?



And Here’s Another Question… 


What if this breakthrough helped prevent your heart from overworking and delivered and an overall boost of energy as you age?


What if this breakthrough helped you enjoy long walks with your spouse and let you play with your grandkids – without becoming short of breath?


What if this breakthrough reduced stress so you could live a care free life?


And finally…


 What if this breakthrough was supported by impeccable scientific researchers available to explain their research and answer your questions?  So you and your family didn’t spend sleepless nights worrying about your heart?



Well, Here’s Good News…

You’re about to discover a new breakthrough that not only supports healthy Blood Pressure ….. Blood flow and helps to reduce Stress….


But also floods your cells with more oxygen, and nutrients that help cells in your arteries resist and repair damage.


Because after 45 years of experience a brilliant compounding Pharmacist has developed the most advanced natural supplement which delivers a unique combination of ingredients into the bloodstream.

From ALL Natural Ingredients!




Finally… People Who Live In Fear About Their Heart Can Feel Protected!

Earlier you heard that researchers found this breakthrough safely supports healthy blood flow through arteries… and helps maintain healthy blood pressure and stress levels.


Well, simple tests were conducted, in which anyone could duplicate in their own home. In one test, the scientist applied a dime size (2gm) dose of cream to the arm of a 71-year-old male.  


… This duration test calculated the amount of time the active ingredients stayed in the bloodstream.  Seven scans were done in approximately 60 minute intervals.


Result: Our formula, stayed active in the bloodstream over eight hours when using only a dime size of the formula- very surprising changes!

First, they discovered it only took 15 seconds to start working on increasing circulation and lowering blood pressure.

Second, it lasted up to 8 hours and their arteries were dilated much more easily allowing fresh nutrients to rapidly enter the blood stream unrestricted and even reduced stress.



That’s Truly Amazing!



Because it means their heart no longer had to overwork to pump blood through their arteries.



But There’s More.  Because Scientist Conducted Another Study…


In this study, scientists wanted to know if the peripheral and arterial elasticity expanded and how fast the active ingredients began to work in the bloodstream. The tests showed peripheral and arterial elasticity increased dramatically in under 15 minutes… with the same result, an increase in blood flow to the entire body.



Again The Scientists Were Amazed…


Because this means… the 71 yr old’s heart no longer had to overwork to pump blood through his arteries.



So, You’re Probably Wondering


What Is This “Miracle” Tonic?

It’s called No2 Pro.


No2 Pro’s main ingredient, L-Arginine is an Amino Acid found in foods that we eat. L-Arginine produces Nitric Oxide naturally in the body. But as we age Nitric Oxide decreases significantly.



As you may know, L-Arginine:

Increases levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), Helps make more Nitric Oxide which Relaxes Blood Vessels, Supports Protein Synthesis and is involved in the transport and storage of Nitrogen.


This Means that:


    It Increases Blood Flow

    Decreases Stress

    Lowers blood pressure


Researchers have discovered that NO2 is designed for People of all ages, who want to increase blood flow directly to arteries and muscles…


Researchers also found that increasing the Nitric Oxide levels resulted in Increased Libido, Strength and Endurance as well as Cardiovascular Health…




This Is Their Secret To Near Eternal Youth.


“No2 Pro Advanced Delivery”

This Makes No2 Pro Advanced Delivery the 21st Century Arterial Health Care solution.


So when YOU take No2 Pro it Increases the size of your artery walls, flushes the blood system with more Nitric Oxide creating more Circulation, drastically lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.



This Brand-New Advanced Delivery System!


             Works Better Than Pills or Powders

             Is Stronger and Lasts Longer than ingestibles

             Is Better For You

             Is Simple To Use

              And More Economical



In Fact, No2 Pro Is 10 Times More Effective Than L-Arginine Alone…



and a whopping Ninety Times More Powerful than the widely known L-Arginine pills, capsules and powders on the market.


This means when you’re using No2 Pro Advanced Delivery L-Arginine Cream your arteries and heart get extra flushes of nutrients that they need that other nitric oxide products can’t offer.


With So Many External Forces Threatening Your Heart, You Need Your Own Army Of Nitric Oxide Boosters to Protect Your Heart And Cardiovascular System.



Just Take A Look:

No2 Pro is the Perfect Solution for Stress!



To prove this, a simple Stress Analysis was performed on a woman age 63… which measures the Stress on the Heart and Body


This first test showed her resistance to physical stress and mental stress averaged 57 out of 100…


100 being a perfect score.


2 gm of No2 Pro was added (dime size)… and retested 45 minutes later



And the Results were astonishing!


Her Stress Resistance nearly doubled… 100 A Perfect Score!… resistant to mental and physical Stress.



After Just One Application!




That’s Simply Astounding.


In fact, No2 Pro has 51 Times The Power and works 10 times more quickly than any Blood Circulation Supplement on the market today!



This means No2 Pro Has the ability to reduce stress 200%



Plus No2 Pro Is Perfectly Safe To Take.


When you Take No2 Pro You No longer are required to:


Take Huge Quantities of Pills every day … Process them through your liver and … Wait WEEKS for the active ingredients to build up and enter the bloodstream.


Normal Nitric Oxide Supplements Require You to take 30 L-Arginine (1,000 mg) capsules PER DAY for 30 days to equal (1) application of No2 Pro Cream (one dime size).



So What Does All This mean To You?



It means you can safely promote healthy blood flow throughout the body, healthy blood pressure, and protection from free radicals and oxidation.



Why No2 Pro is Better For YOU!



Imagine enjoying long walks with your spouse… playing 18 holes of golf… or a 2 hour tennis match… or intense bouts of love making… Or simply playing with your grandchildren…


If you feel like you’re aging faster than you’d like.. or yearn for a boost of energy…or want to fortify your heart cells…



You Now Have A Safe Proven Choice (an Ally)


No2 Pro contains only all natural ingredients, no caffeine, steroids, hormones, artificial colors, dyes, fillers, stabilizers or preservatives and is formulated by our Chief In-House Pharmacist.



But there’s more important news about No2 Pro…



Backed by Nobel Prize Winning Science

In 1998 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded jointly to Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad “for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system”.



What does this do for you?


… This Nobel Prize award showed that Nitric-Oxide protects the heart, stimulates the brain, kills bacteria and regulates numerous cellular functions.


Because the amino acid L-Arginine is responsible for the production of Nitric-Oxide in the body, the research behind the Nobel Prize has enabled everyone to have Nitric-Oxide benefits in their lives. 


By taking No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream, you can ‘declare war’ on Blood Pressure and Heart Disease and Stress and commit yourself to living a better life…


But we didn’t just stop our research with L-Arginine the active ingredient in No2 Pro…




We Wanted To Find The Perfect Delivery System

On The Planet…



Which leads us to:


How No2 Pro Works! This Transdermal Cream increases and improves performance, because our delivery system speeds the active ingredients directly to the targeted arteries and muscles, directly through the skin, at rest or at the time of physical activity.




What do Active Ingredients in the Formula Do?

L-Arginine – Helps increase Arterial – Peripheral Elasticity, by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the blood stream resulting in increased blood flow to the whole body.


Aloe –  A powerful Anti-inflammatory works to help stop all types of pain due to infections or inflammation. A superior Delivery System passing easily into cells transporting nutrients and removing toxins.



Norvaline – Blocks the activity of arginase, an enzyme that competes with Arginine in the body thereby increasing Arginine levels in the blood stream and enabling more Arginine to be converted to nitric oxide to increase blood flow to the entire body.

Vitamin C, USP–A bioactive form of L-ascorbic acid, which also increases the arterial and peripheral circulation facilitating the absorption of other ingredients in the formula through the dermal layers.


Niacin, USP (Vitamin B-3) – Works with other B” vitamins to produce energy in the cells. To control circulation, hormones, glucose and hydrochloric acid in the body. It is a vasodilator and works with Arginine to increase blood flow and circulation in desired areas.




Why is this Important?



Because latest research shows that Aloe combined with the No2 Pro Formula is more easily able to penetrate the blood vessels, push harmful toxins out of the blood, allow fresh nutrients, reducing inflammation, decreasing blood pressure, and reducing stress. 



Aloe Vera Which Has … More Heart Supporting Nutrient Delivering Capabilities than any natural plant.

You’ve probably heard before that Aloe – is a powerful Anti-inflammatory that works to help stop all types of pain due to infections or inflammation, strengthens the immune system and fights asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and even lupus. It is easily able to soak into the blood pushing toxins out and forcing nutrients into the cells to repair damaged tissue.


Why did we make No2 Pro in a cream?

 The active ingredient L-Arginine takes very large doses and upsets the digestion system and can be very costly to take orally.



Unfortunately, L-Arginine Ingested Is Not Effective and a rip off!



That’s probably one of the reasons that despite taking L-Arginine “Nitric Oxide, Capsules or Powders” – many people still don’t get increased stamina, energy, endurance, and increased circulation.  And it’s also probably why they’re unable to support healthy blood pressure.


But if these referenced “Nitric Oxide Supplements” don’t have enough L-Arginine or an effective delivery system to be effective to support healthy blood pressure, then what does?



Super Ingredient #2



Scientist have discovered a new source of Aloe Vera that is 100 times more potent than commercial available Aloe.


The active ingredient that makes Aloe so effective is called Acemannan.  Most people have never heard of Acemannan. So let me tell you about what makes it so amazing:


Acemannan the active ingredient in Aloe is the workhorse in No2 Pro and:


    As the delivery system is more effective

    Used transdermally is more effective than ingested

    It Strengthens the immune system and

    stops inflammatory molecules causing asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and even lupus

    Increases Absorption, promotes and accelerates tissue repair and damage

    Pushes toxins out of the body an helps stop bleeds thus reduces stress

    Increases proper digestion, absorption and assimilation of foods and nutrients.

    Has a direct anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-yeast and anti-parasitic effect

    Helps to increase the circulation throughout the body and aids in blood sugar balancing.

    Is an extremely effective intracellular antioxidant and free radical scavenger

    Is non-toxic with No negative side effects.

    May be used simultaneously with any medication with NO contra-indications.

    Is 100% natural



But Most Important Of All…


Acemannan & L-Arginine Used In A Cream Is The Most Absorbent and Effective Source on Earth.


Its Ten Times more stable than in-gestation.


This all means Acemannan does more for you alone than most supplements on the market….  not to mention all the other awesome ingredients in No2 Pro.


So, No2 Pro is safer and healthier to take with Acemannan  than without.



So What Does All This Mean For Your Blood Pressure?

When you take Acemannan with L-Arginine… 


        You’ll flood your heart with nutrient rich life sustaining fresh blood.

        You’ll get all the heart and blood pressure benefits of L-Arginine but without having to shovel down handfuls of pills.

        You’ll get all around heart health protection when you’re potting about in the garden or playing with your grandkids.

        Your heart will be able to keep beating steadily and strong.

        You’ll enjoy balanced systolic and diastolic blood pressure

        and high blood pressure, stress and bad circulation will become a distant memory.




Here’s the Best News Of All…


For The 1st Time Ever, This No2 Pro can deliver more nutrients and was combined just for you!



Its Never Been Done Before, But We’re Bringing You The First Formula That Combines Aloe and L-Arginine So Your Arteries Are Healthy And Flexible.




It’s Called…

Why No2 Pro?


Because It Also Includes Aloe (Acemannan) A Superior Form Of Transdermal Absorbing Natural Nutrient…


To Give Your Heart and Blood Pressure MORE Intense Rejuvenation & Repairing POWDER!


Research shows that this essential ‘Vital’ ally plays a key role in maintaining health in nearly every major system in the body…especially your heart.




The Bad News…



A whopping 75% of Americans simply don’t get enough L-Arginine.


But with No2 Pro L-Arginine cream, you now have a rare and new combination designed to give your heart key nutrients that support healthy blood pressure… blood flow and help maintain normal circulation and stress levels.


It’s breakthrough that can support and protect your heart 3 ways…


… by relaxing arteries

… by allowing them to enlarge naturally

… by helping blood pump through your system with ease



No2 Pro Comes From Joining 5 Powerhouses!


1.    L-Arginine

2.    Aloe – (Acemannan)

3.    Norvaline

4.    Vitamin C – USP, and

5.    Niacin USP (Vitamin B-3)


Each of these nutrients is tremendously effective on their own.


But when combined for the first time ever in No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream Advanced Delivery System, has all the synergy of all 5, delivers unprecedented benefits to your heart, blood pressure and circulatory system..



This Is Why I Urge You To Consider Getting Your Supply of No2 Pro Now!

Right now, your heart is pumping strong… your blood is flowing freely, carrying revitalizing nutrients to every part of your body.  


You feel alive and fully charged.  This is how a healthy heart behaves.


But don’t wait so long that you turn into fading memory, a mere statistic….


The Good News…


There’s hope! Because we searched the globe to find the leading experts in L-Arginine and heart health to formulate No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream.

 In a moment, you can take advantage of this super supplement that can give you immediate results and most importantly…


Results for Life!




So There You Have It..



Together, they’ll support a steady and strong-beating heart.  No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream delivers all around protection even if you have a history of family heart trouble.  Plus, it supports healthy blood pressure and cholesterol.

All In Only Two Handy Dime Size Doses Per Day.


Of course, if you tried to get your hands on all the ingredients in one single dose of  No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream Separately, you’d pay well over $140.00.



But since you’ve made the cut into our special VIP Group you get a big discount…


The Regular Price for No2 Pro Is:


$140.00 A Jar



Which is a complete Bargain If you take into consideration:

 We ONLY use the most advanced ingredients and cutting edge formulations found anywhere on the globe.


Our Lab formulates small batches using Best Pharmacy Practices and Compounding Guidelines.  We use only All Natural Organically Grown Ingredients and Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds. We do not use any artificial dyes or preservatives.  All of our products are made to order insuring freshness.  


And then these small quantities are shipped directly to your door.  No2 Pro L-Arginine cream in NOT available in any store, or on any website.



But You Won’t Pay



You Won’t Even Pay



Not Even




When You Act Right Now, You’ll Get Your Hands On, A Full Jar of
No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream In This Special VIP Offer



For ONLY $67


That’s A Savings Of Over $70.00 Off


The Regular Price For… Only 67 Cents Per Dose!



But Even Better…


If You Act Right Away, and Reserve 4 Jars of No2 Pro, you’ll have a spot in our Private VIP Group which entitles you to our VIP Pricing, at only $49.95 Per Jar



That’s More That 1⁄2 OFF…
A Savings Of Over $90.00 Per Jar!

But There’s more… When you Act Right Now and Reserve 4 bottles you also get A FREE evaluation of your Lab Results and a Personal Phone Consultation with our Chief Pharmacist to determine what, if any, nutrients your body is lacking and..


A ONCE in a LIFETIME Chance For Personalization Supplementation…


Why Would I Approve Such A Drastic Price Break…. And Offer Such A Fantastic Service?


The answer is actually simple.  In our pursuit to push the boundaries of our research, we need people to share their results with us.  Specifically the ever-increasing benefits that begin to start when you’ve been taking No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream for 30 days or MORE…



To that end I’ve instructed the lab to set aside an entire supply of No2 Pro So that YOU can share with us YOUR success stories, and my team of Scientists will have a growing body of evidence to show the long-term properties of this amazing product!

Think About It…


For only 67 cents per dose – or a $1.34 per day – way less than the cost of a coffee at Starbucks – your heart may be renewed, revitalized and regenerated!  Plus you’ll be supporting blood pressure – naturally.



Are You Ready To Experience The Power Of No2 Pro?


Good. But I’m Going to make you a deal you can’t pass up. 


You don’t even have to make that decision now.  In fact…


I’m so totally confident that you’ll love No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream it’s going to change your life for the better.


I’m doing something our accountants are telling me I simply cannot do.


I’m going to let you TRY No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream for TWO FULL MONTHS, and if for ANY Reason you’re not fully delighted with the results… Simply return the unused portion – and I’ll BUY IT BACK…



That’s Right



I’ll send you a Full Two-month supply right now, and if at any time you decide it’s just not working for you, just return the unused portion and I’ll buy it back…


I have a hunch that these ingredients combined might be one thing that you’re missing right now…


…even if you’re taking other supplements … EVEN if you have a great diet.


…and even if you have an exercise program already in place!



But you won’t KNOW until you TRY it.



Let’s Recap…



First, No2 Pro floods your body and heart with up to 10 times more Nourished blood than most popular No2 boosters!

Second, No2 Pro also incudes  Acemannan  the potent compound of aloe that increases absorption, reduces inflammation and fights bacteria.

    Acemannan combined with L-Arginine has 500% more heart supporting properties than L-Arginine alone .. And it doesn’t cause stomach upset, taste bad or stain teeth.

    Acemannan provides the perfect 2:1 ration of anti-oxidants found in healthy people. 

     What’s more, every batch of Acemannan that goes into L-Arginine Cream undergoes a proprietary Freeze Dried process, which increases Bioavailability.. 

    In fact, Acemannan is twice as effective as any other substance on the planet for delivering nutrients through blood vessel walls.  

Third, No2 Pro contains 5 super ingredients : L-Arginine, Acemannan – Aloe, Norvaline, Vitamin C – USP and Niacin – USP (Vitamin B-3). 


Plus, I’M going to let your TRY No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream for TWO FULL MONTHS, and if for ANY Reason you’re not fully delighted with the results…


Simply return the unused portion – and I’ll





The ingredients contained in No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream proprietary blend literally flood the cells of your arteries with a Hurricane of life giving Nutrients that helps support healthy blood pressure.

No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream is Completely Different Than the Low Quality Supplements That You See Filling The Shelves Of Your Local Supermarket.


Those Big companies get HUGE price breaks to crank out millions of bottles of Low Quality supplements, pills and potions.


Which is the exact opposite of what we do here At botanifi.  We use the most cutting edge research and then circle the globe to find the very best ingredients in the most pure formulations.



But That Literally Limits the Supply Of This Amazing Supplement Each Month, Because No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream Is Made Right Here in the U.S. Made in Small Batches… So Its Fresh!

Those Big companies get HUGE price breaks to crank out millions of bottles of Low Quality supplements, pills and potions.


Which is the exact opposite of what we do here At botanifi.  We use the most cutting edge research and then circle the globe to find the very best ingredients in the most pure formulations.


But That Literally Limits the Supply Of This Amazing Supplement Each Month, Because No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream Is Made Right Here in the U.S. Made in Small Batches… So Its Fresh!


And I’m about to reveal to you how you can get your own personal supply of No2 Pro L-Arginine Cream as a member of our VIP Test Group.  You’re about to get an opportunity to try The Rolls-Royce (Registered trademark symbol) of Longevity Supplements…


This Means That Harnessing these amazing Ingredients is as Easy as Clicking the Button When it Appears Below on This Page…



Which Is Why You Must

Take Action NOW!



But before you do, picture this for me now:



Picture The Confidence And Excitement You’re Going To Feel Flooding Into Your Body!

Imagine your healthy heart, your focused youthful mind, and abundant reservoirs of energy…


And then imagine all of this without the worry…



With No2 Pro and our team of researchers always striving to find the next, best, most cutting edge improvement and enhancements in heart health…



You’ll Never Have To “Go It Alone”



Here’s the situation though.  You’re really going to need to Act Right Now.  We’ve only set aside a certain number of bottles for our VIP Membership.


When They’re Gone…

They’re  Gone.



SO Right NOW You Have Two Options, As I See It…



Option 1

You can keep spending hundreds of dollars on new books, diets, and potions, and try to make it your own with ZERO results.


Option 2

(If we haven’t sold out by the time your read this…)

Join US Right NOW and get Your personal supply of No2 Pro on it’s way to you.



But Hurry.

I Can’t stress this enough.  You need to ACT NOW To secure your place in our VIP test groupThere are literally hundreds on people watching this very same video right now… and soon, there will be a button appearing below this video.



When it does… you need to click it RIGHT AWAY and fill out the information on the very next page to get your spot secured.

Because you’ve watched all the way to this point, it becomes clear to me that two things are true about you…


1.    Your serious about balancing your blood pressure and you’re ready to take action… and

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Click The “Claim Your Spot Now” Button Below Before It Disappears…


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It’s Really That Easy…

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Remember… if You’re not satisfied for ANY reason, you can return the unused portion of your L-Arginine Cream and get a FULL refund.


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Remember The Saying?

“He Who Hesitates Is Lost”


Well, This Saying is Especially True People Looking For A Better Life…

In Fact, It Should Really Be…

“He Who Hesitates Will LOSE”


Why do I say that? Because If You Let Life Pass You By and Hesitate You Have ZERO CHANCE to Experience the Difference No2 Pro Will Make…

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One More Thing…

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to get more energetic and youthful as they age? You won’t need to ask that question any longer!


YOU Can Be That Person!

Click the button and get your personal supply of youth revitalizing No2 Pro started.


NOW and don’t give Father Time another minute of your life.


Take Action;


Take Control Of Your Health And Your Life…



Be One of The Very First People In The Entire World To Get Access To This “Natural Life Sustaining Discovery”

Called No2 Pro…

To the “Lucky Few” who are about to reserve their supply of No2 Pro, and get on the other side…

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I hope to see you there soon!


And Remember Our Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…



All You Have To Do Is Say:

Click the “Add to Cart” Button Right Below to get your first shipment of No2 Pro L- Arginine Cream Shipped directly to your Door, PLUS your extra special Bonuses for taking action to support your overall health, right NOW!


You’ll Be So Happy You Did When You…


Start Seeing Immediate Results!

Important Note and Disclaimer: The contents of this letter have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Information conveyed herein is from sources deemed to be accurate and reliable, but no guarantee can be made in regards to the accuracy and reliability thereof.  Botanifi and the author, Bill Stiber is a natural health journalist writing professionally about natural health topics. He is not a doctor. Therefore, nothing stated in this letter should be construed as prescriptive in nature, nor is any part of this letter meant to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Nothing reported herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The author is simply reporting in journalistic fashion what he has learned during the past several years of journalistic research into healthcare, nutrition, exercise and natural health. Therefore, the information and data presented should be considered for informational purposes only, and approached with caution. Readers should verify for themselves, and to their own satisfaction, from other knowledgeable sources such as their doctor, the accuracy and reliability of all reports, ideas, conclusions, comments and opinions stated herein. All important health care decisions should be made under the guidance and direction of a legitimate, knowledgeable and experienced health care professional. Readers are solely responsible for their choices. The author and publisher disclaim responsibility or liability for any loss or hardship that may be incurred as a result of the use or application of any information included in this letter.

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